Building a Word-Clock (QLOCKTWO Clone)

(Attention: The code shown below might be wrong, because my Code-Plugin for WordPress often messes up the code I paste here. I uploaded the entire project to GitHub, so you can just download it from there:
The LED-Clock code is then located in
piLedClock/rpi_ws281x/python/ and can be started from there. )

After recently remodeling my apartment and with some time off over the Christmas holidays I felt like I should add something special to my living space. During this time I saw a post on Reddit of someone who had built a clone of the famous QLOCKTWO LED-clock, which inspired me to follow suit.

Since I had stopped playing around with electronics a long time ago and wasn’t in the mood to go all out and build an LED-matrix myself, I decided to do things differently and use individually addressable RGB-LED-strips. This way I avoided having to either order custom PCBs or having to build the circuits on breadboards since all that was needed on the electronics-side were a raspberry pi, the strips, a power supply and an appropriate connector as well as some wires.

If you want to build a similar clock, you’ll mainly need these parts (plus some tools like a soldering iron, wire strippers, solder, wires, and basic electronics stuff):

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